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Manual of the Field Survey 2004—2007


Swiss National Forest Inventory. Manual of the Field Survey 2004—2007.

Keller, M. (ed) 2011

Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL Birmensdorf, 269 pp.


The Swiss National Forest Inventory is a systematic sample survey that has been conducted every ten years since 1983. From 2004 to 2007 field teams collected data for the 3rd Survey, NFI3. This manual describes the procedures applied in NFI3 to measure and assess the ligneous species, regeneration, deadwood and stand parameters in Swiss forests. It contains the definitions of the attributes for the field survey and the questions asked during the interview with the forest services.


National forest inventory, successive inventory, attribute definition, forest edge, deadwood, ligneous species, stand parameters, regeneration, harvesting, forest road network.


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