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icon status openRegion: forest district (as of 2013)

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Theme (target value)

icon removeiAmount of dead wood(24)
icon removeiannual increment*(234)
icon removeiannual mortality*(36)
icon removeiannual net increment*(198)
icon removeiannual yield*(210)
icon removeiannual yield and mortality*(144)
icon removeibasal area(136)
icon removeibasal area of dead wood(48)
icon removeibasal area of dead wood NFI1(12)
icon removeiforest area(376)
icon removeilength of forest edge(4)
icon removeinumber of forest plots(48)
icon removeistem number(204)
icon removeitotal stem number(180)
icon removeitotal stem number NFI1(30)
icon removeitotal timber volume(180)
icon removeitotal timber volume NFI1(30)
icon removeivolume(204)
icon removeivolume of dead wood(72)
icon removeivolume of dead wood NFI1(18)
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