Supply of NFI data

We can provide public Swiss institutions and their representatives with extracts of data for specific research and statistical purposes within the scope of a contractual agreement. Normally, only the raw data of the NFI are available. Derived data, which are calculated values such as tree volume, are intellectual property of the WSL and available in line of a collaboration, provided that a description or derivation of the data is published. Many data are auxiliary variables of the NFI and only available under certain conditions, e.g. for specific research work.

The data catalog (in German) shows which data is available. Each attribute is identifiable by a short name and corresponding table name. Please use both of them in case of an inquiry or order.

Some of the data is not available for copyright reasons or for the protection of privacy, which means its use is limited to the NFI/WSL. You can order data from the inventories NFI1, NF2 and NFI3. Field work for the NFI4 will be finished in 2017. Corresponding data will presumably not be available before 2020.

For further inquiries or ordering please turn to Fabrizio Cioldi.

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last update: 19.10.2020