German-French-Italian-English dictionary of plant names and technical terms used in the NFI. Definitions are given for the terms highlighted in yellow.

  • young trees

    Used in the NFI for trees from 10 cm to 11.9 cm in height, i.e. trees of the young forest class 1-7 according to the NFI Field Manual.
  • [de] Jungbäume
    Im LFI Bäume ab 10 cm Höhe bis 11.9 cm BHD, d.h. Bäume der Jungwaldklassen 1-7 gemäss Anleitung LFI.
  • [fr] jeunes arbres
    Au sens de l'IFN, arbres compris entre 10 cm de hauteur et 11,9 cm de DHP, c.-à-d. arbres des classes de jeune forêt 1 à 7 selon le manuel d'instructions IFN.
  • [it] alberi giovani
    Nell'IFN le piantine a partire da 10 cm di altezza fino a un DPU di 11,9 cm, vale a dire alberi delle classi di bosco giovane da 1 a 7, così come sono definite nelle istruzioni per il rilevamento IFN.
  • Recommended form of citation:
    Brändli, U.-B.; Speich, S., 2007: Swiss NFI glossary and dictionary. [Published online 27.06.2007]. Available from World Wide Web <http://www.lfi.ch/glossar/glossar-en.php>. Birmensdorf, Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL.
  • The German definition of the scientific terms was done with the help of the following lexica and terminologies:
    LdF = Lexikon der Forstbotanik (Schütt et al. 1991)
    SSI = Sanasilva-Inventur WSL. Terminologie im Sanasilva-Bericht 1997 (Brang und Kaennel Dobbertin 1997)
    SAFE = Forsteinrichtungsbegriffe. Schweizerischer Arbeitskreis für Forsteinrichtung (1986).
    TFW = Terminologie Forsteinrichtung/Waldinventur (Bick et al. 1994)
    WBö = Wörterbücher der Biologie. Ökologie (Schäfer und Tischler 1983)
    WT = Waldbauliche Terminologie (Brünig und Mayer 1980)
    Anl. LFI = Anleitung für die Feldaufnahmen der Erhebung 1993-1995 (Stierlin et al. 1994)
  • The German, French and Italien plant names were taken mainly from the book Die häufigsten Waldbäume der Schweiz or from the Flora Helvetica
  • The English plant names were taken form the internet (swiss web flora, PLANTS Database and Dictionary of Common Names by plantpress.com). The notations and abbreviations were taken from IPNI - The international Plant Names Index.