On this page you find the translations of woody species and of terms as well as their explanations (marked with yellow background), which were used in the NFI.

  • site factor

    External factors of the living (biotic) and dead (abiotic) environment that affect plants (according to LdF). Primary site factors (water, temperature, light, chemical and mechanical factors) act directly upon the plants, and secondary site factors indirectly.
  • [de] Standortsfaktor
    Auf Pflanzen einwirkende, äussere Einflüsse der belebten (biotischen) und unbelebten (abiotischen) Umwelt (nach LdF). Primäre Standortsfaktoren (Wasser, Wärme, Licht, chemische und mechanische Faktoren) wirken direkt, sekundäre Standortsfaktoren (klimatische, edaphische, orographische, biotische) indirekt auf die Pflanzen.
  • [fr] facteurs stationnels
    Influences extérieures de l'environnement, constituées des facteurs biotiques et abiotiques, agissant sur les plantes (selon LdF), Les facteurs primaires (eau, chaleur, lumière, facteurs chimiques et mécaniques) agissent directement sur les plantes, les facteurs secondaires (climatiques, orographiques, pédologiques, biotiques) agissent indirectement.
  • [it] fattore stazionale
    Influssi esterni ambientali abiotici e biotici che agiscono sui vegetali. (da LdF). I fattori stazionali primari (acqua, calore, luce, fattori chimici e meccanici) agiscono direttamente sulle piante, i fattori stazionali secondari (fattori climatici, edafici, orografici, biotici) agiscono indirettamente.
  • Recommended form of citation:
    Brändli, U.-B.; Speich, S., 2007: Swiss NFI glossary and dictionary. [Published online 27.06.2007]. Available from World Wide Web <http://www.lfi.ch/glossar/glossar-en.php>. Birmensdorf, Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL.
  • The German definition of the scientific terms was done with the help of the following lexica and terminologies:
    LdF = Lexikon der Forstbotanik (Schütt et al. 1991)
    SSI = Sanasilva-Inventur WSL. Terminologie im Sanasilva-Bericht 1997 (Brang und Kaennel Dobbertin 1997)
    SAFE = Forsteinrichtungsbegriffe. Schweizerischer Arbeitskreis für Forsteinrichtung (1986).
    TFW = Terminologie Forsteinrichtung/Waldinventur (Bick et al. 1994)
    WBö = Wörterbücher der Biologie. Ökologie (Schäfer und Tischler 1983)
    WT = Waldbauliche Terminologie (Brünig und Mayer 1980)
    Anl. LFI = Anleitung für die Feldaufnahmen der Erhebung 1993-1995 (Stierlin et al. 1994)
  • The German, French and Italien plant names were taken mainly from the book Die häufigsten Waldbäume der Schweiz or from the Flora Helvetica
  • The English plant names were taken form the internet (swiss web flora, PLANTS Database and Dictionary of Common Names by plantpress.com). The notations and abbreviations were taken from IPNI - The international Plant Names Index.