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On this page you find the translations of woody species and of terms as well as their explanations (marked with yellow background), which were used in the NFI.

increment (total)
In general (with trees) the increase in diameter, height, circumference, basal area, volume or value within a defined unit of time (according to SSI). In the NFI the total stemwood increment (including bark) between two consecutive inventories.

[D] Zuwachs (Gesamt-)
Allgemein (bei Bäumen) Zunahme von Durchmesser, Höhe, Umfang, Grundfläche, Volumen oder Wert in einer bestimmten Zeiteinheit (SSI). Im LFI gesamter Schaftholzzuwachs (inkl. Rinde) zwischen zwei einander folgenden Inventuren.

[F] accroissement (totale)
En général (pour les arbres) augmentation du diamètre, de la hauteur, de la circonférence, de la surface terrière, du volume ou de la valeur durant une certaine période (SSI). Dans l'IFN, accroissement total du bois de tige (y compris l'écorce) entre deux inventaires successifs.

[I] incremento (totale)
In generale (nel caso di alberi) l'incremento in diametro, altezza, circonferenza, area basimetrica, volume o in valore in una certa unità di tempo (SSI). Nell'IFN si intende l'incremento in legno del fusto totale (inclusa la corteccia) registrato tra due inventari consecutivi.
  • Recommended form of citation:
    Brändli, U.-B.; Speich, S., 2007: Swiss NFI glossary and dictionary. [Published online 27.06.2007]. Available from World Wide Web <http://www.lfi.ch/glossar/glossar-en.php>. Birmensdorf, Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL.
  • The German definition of the scientific terms was done with the help of the following lexica and terminologies:
    LdF = Lexikon der Forstbotanik (Schütt et al. 1991)
    SSI = Sanasilva-Inventur WSL. Terminologie im Sanasilva-Bericht 1997 (Brang und Kaennel Dobbertin 1997)
    SAFE = Forsteinrichtungsbegriffe. Schweizerischer Arbeitskreis für Forsteinrichtung (1986).
    TFW = Terminologie Forsteinrichtung/Waldinventur (Bick et al. 1994)
    WBö = Wörterbücher der Biologie. Ökologie (Schäfer und Tischler 1983)
    WT = Waldbauliche Terminologie (Brünig und Mayer 1980)
    Anl. LFI = Anleitung für die Feldaufnahmen der Erhebung 1993-1995 (Stierlin et al. 1994)
  • The German, French and Italien plant names were taken mainly from the book Die häufigsten Waldbäume der Schweiz or from the Flora Helvetica
  • The English plant names were taken form the internet (swiss web flora, PLANTS Database and Dictionary of Common Names by plantpress.com). The notations and abbreviations were taken from IPNI - The international Plant Names Index.
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