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Results by MCPFE criteria and indicators

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icon status openMCPFE Indicator: increment and fellings

Please select a theme first and then a classification.

Theme (target value)

icon removeibasal area(70)
icon removeiforest area(5012)
icon removeiforest area by forest function(20)
icon removeiincrement(936)
icon removeiincrement*(468)
icon removeilength of forest roads (45)
icon removeimortality(240)
icon removeimortality*(72)
icon removeinet increment(792)
icon removeinet increment*(396)
icon removeivolume(105)
icon removeivolume of bole wood (HG 2000)(105)
icon removeivolume of bole wood (HG 2010)(105)
icon removeiyield(792)
icon removeiyield*(396)
icon removeiyield and mortality(576)
icon removeiyield and mortality*(288)
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