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icon status openInventory: NFI2–NFI3 1993/95–2004/06

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Theme (target value)

icon removeibasal area(188)
icon removeiforest area(36)
icon removeiincrement(588)
icon removeiincrement*(228)
icon removeimortality(72)
icon removeimortality*(36)
icon removeinet increment(588)
icon removeinet increment*(228)
icon removeisalvage logging(444)
icon removeisalvage logging*(111)
icon removeisalvage logging due to insects(36)
icon removeisalvage logging due to insects*(9)
icon removeisalvage logging due to wind(36)
icon removeisalvage logging due to wind*(9)
icon removeistand density (SDI)(6)
icon removeistem number(282)
icon removeitotal stem number(462)
icon removeitotal timber volume(462)
icon removeivolume(282)
icon removeiyield(540)
icon removeiyield*(240)
icon removeiyield and mortality(291)
icon removeiyield and mortality*(111)
icon removeiyield of live bole wood(144)
icon removeiyield of merchantable branches(36)
icon removeiyield of merchantable timber(36)
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