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forest area: dominance by exotic species (NFI1-3) · economic region
unit: 1000 ha
unit of evaluation: accessible forest excluding shrub forest
grid: terrestrial grid NFI2
state 1993/95
dominance by exotic species (NFI1-3)
not dominated by exoticsdominated by non-invasive exoticsdominated by invasive extoticstotal
economic region1000 ha± %1000 ha± %1000 ha± %1000 ha± %
Western Jura151.910.750..152.61
Eastern Jura46.720.6580.210047.52
Western Plateau48.830.944..49.73
Central Plateau68.620.558..69.12
Eastern Plateau110.120.945..111.02
Western Pre-Alps43.23....43.23
Central Pre-Alps99.920.2100..100.12
Eastern Pre-Alps72.02....72.02
Northwestern Alps56.13....56.13
Central Alps26.85....26.85
Northeastern Alps30.15....30.15
Southwestern Alps103.12..0.2100103.32
Southeastern Alps134.82....134.82
Southern Alps135.02..0.750135.82

calculated by unit of reference: economic region

© WSL, Swiss National Forest Inventory, 07.11.2014 #149294/135675
search result: 1 entry on 1 page