Swiss Forest in Pictures

On this page you will find more than 40'000 pictures of forest stands, which were photographed on the sample plots of the NFI during the field surveys. The photos are updated continuously.

Since 2009 (NFI4), each sample area has been systematically documented with at least five images, each direction and the center (not available) being photographed once. In addition, a special 360° camera is used to capture a spherical panorama that can be viewed interactively (since 2018, NFI5).

Note: The search and the filters refer to the sample plots and not to what can be seen in the photo. For example, when searching for mountain pines, photos of sample plots are shown on which the mountain pine occurs. On the picture itself, the mountain pine need not be visible.

Copyright: The pictures can be used in publications, if the origin is indicated with 'photo Swiss NFI/WSL'.